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Mobile Gaming-Time To Play It Now

27/02/2017        // By: Manish Chande Upreti

“W”,”A”,”S”,”D”…These keys on the keyboard will be familiar to you if you are or unfortunately used to be a gamer. By the 1980s, personal computers had become powerful enough to run games, but by this time, graphics were beginning to become an import

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REST transforming the world of web service

25/02/2017        // By: Akash Parmar

Thomas Roy Fielding describes an architectural style in his study and named it the Representational State Transfer Architecture (REST). REST is based on principles, which are used in the largest distributed application - the World Wide Web(WWW). With

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VR: Adding a New Dimension to our Reality

31/01/2017        // By: Rishabh rawat

VR, this seemingly normal sounding abbreviation holds a lot of potential. VR basically provides you a fully immersive experience of any environment created using interactive software & hardware, mostly rendered on a head-mounted display...

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Unriddling Oracle MAF

24/01/2017        // By: Shruti Sajwan

Mobile applications are gaining momentum these days, and are getting competitive as well with lot of new products and platforms. But what makes mobile development more competitive is clients’ aggressive timelines.

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JBoss Fuse

28/12/2016        // By: Vinit Kumar

JBoss Fuse is an open source Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) with an flexible footprint that supports integration beyond the data. The lack of license fees and the ability to deploy JBoss Fuse in several different platform advances intelligent..

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IoT: Latest Craze In Technology

26/12/2016        // By: Manish Chande Upreti

Imagine if you could switch on air conditioning before reaching home or switch off lights even after you have left home?This imagination can turn into a reality, by using a concept called Internet of things (IoT).

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07/12/2016        // By: Tapan Sharma

Many Organizations needs a Business Intelligence (BI) tool which allows them to gather the information from variety of data sources, analyze it and share with all the staff and managers. Increasing competition means business requires a much higher..

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Qspear Turned FOUR !!

30/08/2016        // By: Radhika Sharma

Qspear Consultancy Services has recently completed four years of delivering value on 21st August 2016. Our 4th Annual Foundation Day was marked with grand celebrations on 26th August 2016 at Stellar Gymkhana, Greater Noida...

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Artificial Intelligence

04/07/2016        // By: Tapan Sharma

As its name implies, an intelligence which can create or develop artificially. AI is an ability by which we can make computers to think and learn from their surroundings like normal human being does. In early 1950s Mr. John McCarthy named this ..

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Oracle Fusion Middleware

20/07/2016        // By: Ashok Kumar

Middleware is the one which sits on top of database or a layer above database using which that middleware layer interacts with the database.But in web applications or enterprise applications, end users never connect directly to the database...

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Technical Cloud Trends(Part-2)

18/07/2016        // By: Manish Chande Upreti

Steve Jobs once said “I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster…”. This line really makes you think if you are going for a start-up or already have a SMB (small & medium business).Now, there are some facts..

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Technical Cloud Introduction(Part-1)

07/08/2016        // By: Manish Chande Upreti

There are endless definitions of “the cloud” from moon to sun or rain to thunderstorm but in context of Information Technology I can say that it’s basically computing as a service over the internet. In more simplified term, you can get everything....

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Don't let Comparison Steal your Joy !!

09/07/2016        // By: Radhika Sharma

There is no end for human desires. A person always compares himself to someone who is above him, he always forgets to look down.Everyone's life moves on a different path, so be happy in what you have..

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Role of Information Technology in Power Sector

13/06/2016        // By: Tapan Sharma

Information Technology (IT) is contributing significantly in the power sector, particularly in the areas of automation of the processes, revenue, distribution system automation or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and AT&C...

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Big Data Analytics

09/06/2016        // By: Radhika Sharma

This is a digital era where information is stored and transferred by digital devices in shortest time possible between people and machines in different parts of world even in real time. In this age, information technology drives...

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Learning Oracle ADF and Jdeveloper

08/06/2016        // By: Shruti Sajwan

Lets start by knowing what is Oracle ADF? Oracle ADF is a framework that simplifies application development and follows MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture by separation of UI related and data related elements. And also it reduces the ...

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Delivering Customer Value

13/06/2016        // By: Tumul maheshwari

While working with many organizations I used to wonder “What is Quality?”. In most of the organizations, Quality is a function driven by peer pressure, levels of quality of competition vis-a-vis my organization and more often than not managed by ...

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Live Life While You Are Alive!!

14/06/2016        // By: Pooja Yadav

After reading inspirational blogs from so many of you, I thought of writing something. My philosophy of life and instantly i knew what it has to be. We all are so busy in fulfilling our daily routine that we forget that every single time that ...

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