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Workforce scheduling is an essential component that can lead any business towards optimal resource utilization and efficient results, because it's not only about, "Who are my good people?" but also "How do I get them at the right place at the right time?" with a clear, real time visibility of their schedules.

  • Qspear Solutions for workforce management includes sophisticated planning and scheduling tools. The idea is to create optimal master schedules that match the peaks and valleys of staffing needs, taking into account employee performance, employee preferences and real time tracking of available workforce and their working dynamics.

  • Qspear makes it possible to generate optimal schedules using both constraints and preferences in an efficient time frame.

  • A lot of employees can mean a lot of complexity. KRONOS enables strategic workforce planning and management decisions across the enterprise.

With this total workforcemanagement system, you can

  • Automate tracking of workforce hours, activities, pay and attendance for all groups and locations

  • Real Time Reporting of workforce to Reporting Authorities and HRD

  • Manage employee leaves from end to end—minimizing unscheduled absences and mitigating the risks of employee mismanagement

  • Simplify complex scheduling demands and call-out rules—boosting productivity and minimizing unplanned absence and overtimes.

  • Seamless Integration with Payroll and Third Party Solutions offering a fit in platform

Qspear's Workforce Management Solution Offerings:

Solution Benefit:

  • Automate all of your workforce management business processes, end-to-end. Eliminate error-prone manual processes — without customisation that's expensive to implement and maintain.

  • Delivers high-quality information that's granular, real-time, and comprehensive which is the key ingredient for high-quality decision-making.

  • Out-of-the box implementations that are easy to install and maintain, that integrate well, and that provide centralised system management. It's a great way to minimise complexity and service costs.

  • Our simplified time-tracking solution — working in tandem with our data collection devices – helps you control labour costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity.