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Technical Cloud Trends(Part-2)

cloud computing


Start-Ups Can Keep Their Heads In The Cloud: -

Steve Jobs once said “I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster…”. This line really makes you think if you are going for a start-up or already have a SMB (small & medium business). Now, there are some facts related with Cloud and SMB, according to Forbes website:

  1. 78% of U.S. small businesses will have fully adopted cloud computing by 2020 more than doubling the current 37% as of today.
  1. 59% of SMBs using cloud services report significant productivity benefits from information technology compared to just 30% of SMBs not yet using the cloud.
  1. 82% of companies have saved on costs by utilizing cloud technology in their business. 

There must be some reasons why SMB are adopting cloud, let’s look few of them.

  1. Clouds promote productivity as it allows employees to access files, documents and any other resource from anywhere any device.
  1. It makes you spend your labour cost effectively on the people who will grow your business rather than people who maintain your infrastructure as Cloud service provider will do that for you.
  1. Cloud makes you flexible with saving cost as you only pay for what you want or later you can increase or decrease the resources according to your business.
  1. Cloud provides reliability as most provider have less downtime than onsite data centres. Apart from this, there is survey by Navisite that shows that “50 percent to 70 percent of respondents in the US have migrated to Cloud with the intention of improving reliability along with value-added service levels and uptime”.


Cloud Is An Attractive Target For Hackers: -

As they say, Perfection is a myth that goes for cloud as well. No Matter how good cloud services are but it always has been an apple of Hacker’s eyes. For instance, a company named as “Code Space” used to host some application on AWS (Amazon Web Service) of their clients. One not so fine day, there was DDOS (Denial of Service) attack happened to company server. When company officials contacted the perpetrator, a ransom was demanded. When the money was not paid, the bad guys hacked into the Cloud Spaces administrative console for Code Space’s AWS account and deleted what appears to be the entirety of the company’s files. Code Spaces has since been shut down. 

It’s not like Cloud service providers are not doing anything to improve security, like Azure and AWS are going to offer some new robust security capabilities using new platform features. They practice a “Shared Security” model where they emphasis on securing the platform itself.

In near future, it looks like security issues will be taken care of by the providers, in a recent research by a website “Gartner”, through 2020, 80% of Cloud security breaches will be due to customer misconfiguration, mismanaged credentials or insider theft, not by Cloud provider.

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