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Technical Cloud Introduction(Part-1)

  • cloud-computingWhat’s a Technical Cloud:-

There are endless definitions of “the cloud” from moon to sun or rain to thunderstorm but in context of Information Technology I can say that it’s basically computing as a service over the internet. In more simplified term, you can get everything from application to datacentre over the internet on demand.

In our usual lives we may find weather cloudy sometimes, but speaking technically, we mostly are connected with “the cloud” 24X7. From database servers to watching Game of Thrones on “HotStar”, we use a lot of cloud based services.

If we have to categories all the things that can be provided on the cloud as a service, then we get these three categories.

  1. Software as a Service(SaaS): You can get an application or a software on-demand as a service on the cloud so no need to install and run application on user’s machine instead you can use that on your cloud service provider resource directly.
  1. Platform as a Service(Paas): Here Platform refers to an environment that can served as a service to consumers, for example to host my own website I need a ready to implement environment over the internet (Domain), so I can take that as a service.
  1. Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas): Infrastructure resources like Database Server, Datacentres are available as a service to organisations. It makes an organisation to not to worry about hardware maintenance and you can even enhance the infrastructure on-demand to support dynamic workload.
  • Big Players of Cloud Services:-

There are a lot of cloud service providers and the fact is that we really can’t compare who is better than whom but we can surely know about the services they offer to remain big in the game, few of them are listed below:

  1. Amazon: It offers AWS (Amazon Web Service) that makes it world leader in two of most popular forms of cloud computing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).It offers you virtual server and data storage space.
  1. Google: After the success of Google Drive, GoogleDocs, GoogleApps, Postini (a set of email and web security service), etc. now google is going to set it’s Iaas (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud service named as “Google Computing Engine”
  1. Microsoft: With 90% of the world on outlook/windows/office, Microsoft also offer some good cloud services like Hyper-V Virtualization, Windows Azure, SharePoint Online, Office 365.

Recent Researches and survey shows that from startups to big organisations , are migrating to cloud services.According to Goldman Sachsspending on cloud computing infrastructure and platforms will grow at a 30% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2013 through 2018.

There are also some Big  organisations who are becoming the provider in Cloud based services and becoming a tough competitor in market like GoGrid,NetSuite,RackSpace,RightScale,etc.

To be continued...

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