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Role of Information Technology in Power Sector

Information Technology (IT) is contributing significantly in the power sector, particularly in the areas of automation of the processes, revenue, distribution system automation or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and AT&C(Aggregate Technical and Commercial) loss reduction. Information Technology (IT) is widely used in operations, maintenance and management of all industrial systems. Same in the power utilities, which need to handle a large amount of information for their efficient operation. These information was handled manually which was less efficient.

Usage of IT Applications in Power Sector: - In most of the advance countries power consumption is increasing significantly and old manual systems to handle these are not enough.  Therefore, to get the more productivity, efficiency and reliability in power generation, transmission and distribution IT applications are widely used.

As we know there are various human errors in power sector management. IT tools or applications are used in a manner to minimize those human errors in power consumption tracking, protection and billing system etc.

Following IT applications are popular in power sector these days:-

  1. Integrated metering and bill collection systems – The objective to adapt this application is to automate the whole process from end to end i.e., from meter reading to billed amount payment. Automatic meter reading (AMR) technology is used to fulfill the requirements.
  2. Energy accounting system – To track the power generation, consumption and the losses which are occurred during that. We need a system which shows us all above things, resulting we can generate, transmit and distribute power efficiently. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system is used for this.
  3. Automation in power generation – The power generation is done by heavy machineries and earlier these machines are operate manually which is very tough work to operate and to synchronize one task to another efficiently. Most of power plants these days which are getting installed are interested in automation. Automation allows you to get the whole process done automatically. Programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) are used to get this done. Programing of a PLC can be done to automate any process.

The entire gamut of the operation in power sector is revolving around better availability of quality power and efficient management of energy and IT is the solution.

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