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Delivering Customer Value

While working with many organizations I used to wonder “What is Quality?”. In most of the organizations, Quality is a function driven by peer pressure, levels of quality of competition vis-a-vis my organization and more often than not managed by people in least touch with the customer.

My education taught me one unforgettable definition of Quality, “Quality is what customers want”. So this is a beautiful industry paradox that in most of the organizations I found that Quality is being run by people who do not normally face customer let alone satisfy customer requirements. And most importantly cost of level of Quality certification is added to the corporate overhead charged to customer.

This also poses another leading question as to what is the cost of quality. It could be straight revenue loss due to delayed realization of benefit due to elaborate quality process that a delivery is subjected to. In today’s world most important aspect is to deliver customer value and thus “Quality” at no additional overhead in a reasonable time-frame. Various practices to ensure a Quality delivery are to understand customer’s business need from an IT solution, designing a right fit solution, developing a quality software in least possible time and assisting customer in testing the same against the business need.

All this is only possible if we develop a team who is adept at all of the above, Quality rarely seen in the industry. So the mantra for delivering customer value is to equip teams with right qualities from early career stages and keep honing their skills as their career progresses.

Disclaimer: The views expressed by author are own and does not represent the organization views.

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