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Many Organizations needs a Business Intelligence (BI) tool which allows them to gather the information from variety of data sources, analyze it and share with all the staff and managers. Increasing competition means business requires a much higher level of BI solution.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) delivers the most complete, open and integrated solution in the market today. This suite provides comprehensive and complete capabilities of business intelligence, including enterprise reporting, dashboards, ad-hoc analysis, Multi-Dimensional OLAP, scorecards, and predictive analytics on an integrated platform.

In short OBIEE suite provides: –
1. Support to both Oracle and Non-Oracle data source ranging from file-based data, to all popular relational database management systems and to leading multi-dimensional sources.
2. Supporting prevalent middleware solutions including application servers and security systems.
3. Providing open APIs for integration with wide range of enterprise systems.
In summary traditional BI tools are not designed to enable the insight-driven enterprise. A fundamentally different infrastructure and business intelligence solution set is required to meet the new generation business needs.

Architectural Component of OBIEE 12c: –
1. Clients
2. Oracle BI Presentation Services
3. Oracle BI Server
4. Oracle BI Repository
5. Data Sources

Clients: – Oracle BI clients comprises of the basic tools which are: –
• Oracle BI Answers – It is a set of graphical tool used to develop, view or modify Oracle BI requests.
• Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards – Display the results of answers request and other items.
• Oracle BI Administration Tool – It is used to build the BI Repository (RPD Development)

Oracle BI Presentation Services: – It provides the processing to visualize the information for the client. It implemented as the extension to a web server.

Oracle BI Server: – It is the core server behind which provides efficient processing to access physical data sources and structure information intelligently. It generate dynamic SQL to query data in physical data sources. Provides BI data to BI presentation Services.

The Advantages of Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 12c are: –
• Includes interactive dashboards
• Full ad hoc queries and analysis
• Proactive intelligence delivery and alerts
• Enterprise and financial reporting,
• Online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis and presentation
• High-volume production reporting
• Real-time predictive intelligence
• Disconnected analytics
• And full integration with Microsoft Office.

Usages: –
• Provides relevant insight to everyone, not just analysts
• All levels of the organization can see information optimized for their role.

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