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Artificial Intelligence


What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) ? : - As its name implies, an intelligence which can create or develop artificially. AI is an ability by which we can make computers to think and learn from their surroundings like normal human being does. In early 1950s Mr. John McCarthy named this technology as Artificial Intelligence.

AI is still developing which includes many technology like computer science, mathematics, neuroscience and psychology. Researchers are trying to create a single AI having combination of above technologies which can perform different tasks like solving problems logically, think creatively, having emotions etc.

History of AI: - There were so many myths and stories about AI, but actual research started after programmable digital computer invented in 1940s. This invention made the scientists think about an electronic system which can think like humans or more precisely an ‘artificial brain’.

In 1950s scientists from various fields started their research. After a long research in the field of neurology it had been determined that neural system of a human brain is like an electrical network which can be developed artificially. In 1956, Artificial Intelligence included in academic courses.

Recent achievements: - Applications of AI used these days in various fields like medical science, robotics etc. In our daily life we can also feel that AI reduces so much human effort. For example, automated trains for daily commute are running in some developed countries which are based on AI applications, talking Robots are invented who talk and think like humans, a general chess game on computer also a good example of AI (If you are playing against computer).

In the field of AI, speech recognition is a noticeable achievement. Google voice search (Ok Google!) and Apple’s Siri are well known example of this.

Future of AI: - Artificial intelligence is a controversial technology since when it’s started. Some people are in support of this and some are not.

People who are in support thinks that, AI will have a great future ahead and will help human beings in various fields and take science to a different level. People who lost their body parts in an accident or war etc. and get the artificial part that is similar to previous and it works perfectly according to their brain, it is not less than a miracle for them, those peoples strongly supports AI.

People who are against of that, they think we will become cyborg if human’s obsession continues towards AI. As we know that an electronic brain which we are developing, capable to think like a human. Therefore, if human can be a friend of someone’s, he can also become an enemy.

What if our creation will become our enemy?

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