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Live Life While You Are Alive!!

After reading inspirational blogs from so many of you, I thought of writing something. My philosophy of life and instantly i knew what it has to be.

We all are so busy in fulfilling our daily routine that we forget that every single time that is passing by will not come again . In fact while I am writing this blog at 2.52pm on 12th June 2016, this particular moment will never be repeated in my complete life cycle.

We wake up , get ready , come to office, work, laugh, share & go back home and rehearse this Cycle every day. What are we doing to our self? Are we adding any value to our life?

Our aim should be to bring in something new each day in our routine. Travel, meet people, sing songs, eat, Sleep, innovate, be creative, spread smiles do whatever is your passion.

One day you will wake up & there won’t be any more time to do things you have always wanted. “DO IT NOW”


Ask yourself at the end of each day, are you happy with the way your day has ended? If yes, then probably you  have made that day count but if not then you should contemplate & proactively decide what could have been done to make this day your best day. Life is all about being in the moment while living it. It is also a roller coaster; we all go through ups & downs & still survive. “It’s about Growing up in what you are going through”. Nothing should stop you from believing in yourself. You are your own limit-the higher you set one for yourself, the higher you will fly.

Whether it is Happiness or pain, make sure you experience both with full honesty & only then you will realize what is important to you.. who is important to you.

The world is too big & time is short. Make your priorities very clear. Make sure you are making people around you smile. Explore & innovate & bring in the excellence in whatever job you do..

So what do we need to do? We need to make the best of every moment..Smile & spread positivity around, stick to your commitments while creating memories.

This reminds me of the dialogue from “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”.. SEIZE THE MOMENT MY DEAR FRIEND because in the end we are only going to regret the chances we didn’t take & moments we did not breathe.

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